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Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music

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Document Contents
Recent Changes to the website
List of Restored Images available online
List of Images photographed under Ultra-violet light, available online
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University of Oxford, and Royal Holloway University of London

This website is a portal to worldwide collections of medieval polyphonic music manuscripts (the resource does not include plainchant). The music and the manuscripts date from approx 800 to 1500, and the original documents are kept in libraries and archives around the globe. This website includes detailed information for all the known sources of European polyphonic music (which is almost entirely vocal) and high-quality colour images for those which we have been given permission to deliver online by their owners. You will find a rich and varied collection of images here, and a vast database describing each medieval music manuscript in detail. The database is a work in progress and its scope will be widened as resources allow. It is organised currently only by the libraries in which the manuscripts are kept, although you can search by date (e.g. 14th century) or by country of origin ('Provenance', e.g. Germany, Holland, etc.).

On the website you can:

  • view the list of countries, libraries and manuscript shelf marks through 'Browse Archive';
  • perform a search for a manuscript or library that you already know about;
  • consult entries from the published catalogues of medieval music and get library contact details by 'entering' a particular library from the 'Browse Archive' menu;
  • register as a user online instantly (for free) and view the full-size images through our image-viewer;
  • use our annotation and text transcription tools to create your own collection of images, to which you can return next time you log in.

DIAMM was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Board and is currently supported by The Andrew W Mellon Foundation

Recent Changes to the website

  • May 2007: Peterhouse Partbooks added to the online collection
  • Jan 2007: online registration implemented
  • May 2006: keyword searchability under testing, to be brought online on Search page
  • May 2006: 152 enhanced images (list of enhanced images) and 225 UV images (list of UV images) brought online; database updated
  • May 2006: two major British Library MSS brought online - Add. 57950 (Old Hall) and Eg. 3307
  • May 2006: proof-reading complete for source descriptions in German
  • April 2006: Italy, Lucca, Archivio di Stato MSS brought online
  • April 2006: contextual help goes live; image-viewer redesigned; text transcription tool brought online
  • April 2006: database revisions uploaded
  • April 2006: secondary image links brought online for UV and some restored images
  • March 2006: London, Lambeth Palace MS 1 (Lambeth Choirbook) and Cambridge University Library Nn.6.46 brought online
  • March 2006: images from Fribourg, Bibliotheque de la Maigrauge added to online collection
  • February 2006: Cambridge, Magdalene College, Pepys MS 1236 brought online

List of Restored Images available online

  • CH-Luzern, Kantonale Bibliothek P.Mscr.25_182
  • CH-Luzern, Kantonale Bibliothek P.Mscr.25_183
  • F-Cambrai IncB144_back
  • F-Cambrai IncB145_frag_v
  • F-Cambrai IncB165_front
  • F-Cambrai IncB165_ii_v
  • F-Cambrai IncB166_front
  • F-Cambrai IncB166_i_v
  • F-Cambrai IncB166_i
  • F-Cambrai IncB56_front
  • F-Cambrai IncB56_i_v
  • F-Cambrai IncB56_i
  • F-Cambrai IncB56_ii_v
  • F-Cambrai IncB56_ii_v
  • F-Cambrai IncC52_i
  • F-Cambrai MSB322_bs_r
  • F-Cambrai MSB322_fs_v
  • F-Cambrai MSC647_back2
  • F-Colmar MS352_132v
  • F-Colmar MS352_Ar
  • F-Colmar MS352_Av
  • F-Tours MS925_165v
  • F-Valenciennes MS116_v
  • GB-Arundel A340
  • GB-Arundel M534_A
  • GB-Arundel M534_Av
  • GB-Arundel M534_B
  • GB-Arundel M534_Bv
  • GB-Aberdeen 2379-1_Av
  • GB-Beverley DDHU19-2-I_B
  • GB-Bury St Edmunds J363_i_v
  • GB-Bury St Edmunds J363_i2
  • GB-Canterbury Add.128_6_r
  • GB-Canterbury Add.128_6_v
  • GB-Canterbury Add.128_8_v
  • GB-Cambridge, Corpus Christi MS329_recto
  • GB-Cambridge, Emmanuel MS300_1r_b
  • GB-Cambridge, Jesus QB5_139v
  • GB-Cambridge, Peterhouse MS314_page6
  • GB-Cambridge, Peterhouse MS314_page7
  • GB-Cambridge, Peterhouse MS314_page8
  • GB-Cambridge, St John’s MS84_frag1v
  • GB-Cambridge, St John’s MS84_past
  • GB-Cambridge, St John’s MS84_past
  • GB-Cambridge, Trinity B.11.34_r
  • GB-Cambridge, Trinity B.11.34_v
  • GB-Cambridge, Trinity O.2.1_I
  • GB-Cambridge, Trinity O.3.58_1
  • GB-Cambridge, University Library Add.2713_2r
  • GB-Cambridge, University Library Add.2713_2r
  • GB-Cambridge, University Library Add.4250
  • GB-Cambridge, University Library Add.4435_16d_v
  • GB-Cambridge, University Library Add.5963-8_13
  • GB-Cambridge, University Library Add.5963-8_13v
  • GB-Cambridge, University Library Add.9414_i_r
  • GB-Cambridge, University Library Add.9414_i_v
  • GB-Cambridge, University Library Add.9414_ii_r
  • GB-Cambridge, University Library Add.9414_vii_r
  • GB-Cambridge, University Library Add.9414_vii_v
  • GB-Cambridge, University Library Ee.i.12_81
  • GB-Cambridge, University Library Ff.i.17_1
  • GB-Cambridge, University Library
  • GB-Durham Cathedral EB25_1v
  • GB-Durham Cathedral EB25_2
  • GB-Durham University Library SR9D3_i
  • GB-Durham University Library SR9D3_iv_v
  • GB-Durham University Library StChMS3_back
  • GB-Durham University Library StChMS3_front
  • GB-Gloucester D.678_1
  • GB-London, British Library Add.30520B_1
  • GB-London, British Library Add.41340H_099
  • GB-London, British Library Add.41340H_099
  • GB-London, British Library Add.41340H_099v
  • GB-London, British Library Add.41340H_100
  • GB-London, British Library Add.41340H_100
  • GB-London, British Library Add.41340H_100v
  • GB-London, British Library Add.41340H_101
  • GB-London, British Library Add.41340H_101
  • GB-London, British Library Add.41340H_101
  • GB-London, British Library Add.41340H_101v
  • GB-London, British Library Add.41340H_101v
  • GB-London, British Library Add.41340H_101v
  • GB-Leeds University BroCollInc_34v
  • GB-London, Lambeth Palace 457_192v
  • GB-Oxford, All Souls SR.59_front_v
  • GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Add.C.87^_226v
  • GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library AuctVIQ3-17_backbd
  • GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library DDChCh.c.34-D6_01
  • GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library DDChCh.c.34-D6_01v
  • GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library DDChCh.c.34-DR3_1
  • GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library DDChCh.c.34-DR3_1v
  • GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library DDChCh.c.34-DR3_2
  • GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library DDChCh.c.34-DR3_2v
  • GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library DDChCh.c.34-DR3_A
  • GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library DDChCh.c.34-DR3_Av
  • GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library DDChCh.c.34-DR3_B
  • GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library DDChCh.c.34-DR3_Bv
  • GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Eng.Misc.c.291_12v
  • GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Hatton30_2
  • GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Hatton81_backbd
  • GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Hatton81_frontbd
  • GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Lat.Lit.b.19_4v
  • GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Lat.Lit.d.20_28
  • GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Lat.Lit.d.20_35v
  • GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Mus.e.21_03v
  • GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Mus.e.21_04v
  • GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Mus.e.21_08v
  • GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Mus.e.21_09v
  • GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Rawl.C.400_04v
  • GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Savile25_frontbd
  • GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Savile25_i
  • GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_22r
  • GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_22v
  • GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_22v
  • GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_23r
  • GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_23r
  • GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_23v
  • GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_23v
  • GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_23ve3
  • GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_24r
  • GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_24r
  • GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_24v
  • GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_25r
  • GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_25v
  • GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_26r
  • GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_26r
  • GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_26v
  • GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_27r
  • GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_27v
  • GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_28r
  • GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_28v
  • GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_29r
  • GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_29v
  • GB-Oxford, New College MS368-1_38
  • GB-Oxford, New College MS368-1_38v
  • GB-Oxford, New College MS7_299
  • GB-Oxford, New College MS7_299v
  • GB-Paisley Abbey slateFragraking
  • GB-Stratford DR37_Vol.41_back
  • GB-Worcester Cathedral Q31_front
  • I-Lucca, Archivio di Stato MS184_16
  • I-Lucca, Archivio di Stato MS184_16v
  • I-Lucca, Archivio di Stato MS184_29v
  • I-Lucca, Archivio di Stato MS184_30
  • I-Lucca, Archivio di Stato MS184_30v
  • I-Lucca, Archivio di Stato MS238_01
  • I-Lucca, Archivio di Stato MS238_11
  • I-Lucca, Archivio di Stato MS238_22v
  • I-Lucca, Archivio di Stato MS238_31

List of Images photographed under Ultra-violet light, available online

  1. F-Cambrai IncB144_i_v
  2. F-Cambrai IncB145_i_v
  3. F-Cambrai IncB165_i
  4. F-Cambrai IncB165_ii
  5. F-Cambrai IncB165_ii_v
  6. F-Cambrai IncB56_i
  7. F-Cambrai IncB56_ii_v
  8. F-Cambrai IncC52_i_v
  9. F-Cambrai MSB1328_10
  10. F-Cambrai MSB1328_10v
  11. F-Cambrai MSB1328_11
  12. F-Cambrai MSB1328_11v
  13. F-Cambrai MSB1328_12v
  14. F-Cambrai MSB1328_13v
  15. F-Cambrai MSB1328_14v
  16. F-Cambrai MSB1328_15
  17. F-Cambrai MSB1328_15v
  18. F-Cambrai MSB1328_16
  19. F-Cambrai MSB1328_1v
  20. F-Cambrai MSB1328_2v
  21. F-Cambrai MSB1328_3v
  22. F-Cambrai MSB1328_4
  23. F-Cambrai MSB1328_5v
  24. F-Cambrai MSB1328_6
  25. F-Cambrai MSB1328_7v
  26. F-Cambrai MSB1328_8
  27. F-Cambrai MSB1328_8v
  28. F-Cambrai MSB1328_9
  29. F-Cambrai MSB1328_9v
  30. F-Cambrai MSB1328f_16v
  31. F-Cambrai MSB322_i
  32. F-Cambrai MSB322_ii_v
  33. F-Tours MS925_165
  34. F-Tours MS925_166v
  35. F-Tours MS925_I
  36. F-Valenciennes, MS116_r
  37. GB-Arundel M534_A
  38. GB-Arundel M534_B
  39. GB-Bury St. Edmunds J363_i_v
  40. GB-Cambridge, Corpus Christi MS65_136v
  41. GB-Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum MS47-1980_2v
  42. GB-Chester ZCX1_r
  43. GB-Chester ZCX1_v
  44. GB-Durham Cathedral A.III.11_r
  45. GB-Durham Cathedral A.III.11_v
  46. GB-Durham Cathedral C.I.8_1
  47. GB-Durham Cathedral EB25_1r
  48. GB-Durham Cathedral EB25_2v
  49. GB-Ipswich HA30.50-22-13_162
  50. GB-Ipswich HA30.50-22-13_i_v
  51. GB-Ipswich HA30.50-22-13_i
  52. GB-London, Lincoln’s Inn Misc.1_195v
  53. GB-London, Lambeth Palace 752_front
  54. GB-London, National Archives E122_201_5_cover
  55. GB-London, Westminster Abbey WAM_12185_1r
  56. GB-Maidstone PRC50-5_v
  57. GB-Nottingham CA2169-1_r
  58. GB-Nottingham CA2169-1_v
  59. GB-Norwich Flitcham299_A
  60. GB-Norwich Flitcham299_Bv
  61. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Arch.Sel.B.14_001v
  62. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Arch.Sel.B.14_312v
  63. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Ashmole1527_i
  64. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library AuctVIQ3-17_i_r
  65. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Barlow22_i_v
  66. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Barlow22_i
  67. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Bodley257_1a
  68. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Bodley257_1av
  69. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Bodley384_frbd
  70. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Bodley384_rearfly_v
  71. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Bodley548_i_v
  72. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Bodley548_i
  73. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Bodley652_69
  74. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Can.Ital.16_97
  75. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Can.Ital.16_97v
  76. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library CanClassLat112_61v
  77. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library CanClassLat112_62
  78. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library CanClassLat112_62v
  79. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library eMus.7_p.529
  80. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library eMus.7_p.530
  81. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library eMus.7_p.vii
  82. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library
  83. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library eMus.7_p.v
  84. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Hatton30_2
  85. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Hatton81_01
  86. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Hatton81_45v
  87. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Lat.Lit.a.6_109v
  88. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Lat.Lit.a.8_2v
  89. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Lat.Lit.a.8_3
  90. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Lat.Lit.b.5_86v
  91. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Lat.Lit.d.5_106v
  92. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Lat.Theol.e.30_151v
  93. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Laud.Lat.95_133v
  94. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Laud.Misc.594_bckbd
  95. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Mus.c.60_79r
  96. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Mus.c.60_80
  97. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Mus.c.60_83v
  98. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Mus.c.60_84
  99. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Mus.c.60_84v
  100. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Mus.c.60_85
  101. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Mus.c.60_85v
  102. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Mus.d.103_2v
  103. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Mus.d.103_4v
  104. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Mus.d.143_1v
  105. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Mus.d.143_2
  106. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Mus.e.21_01v
  107. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Mus.e.21_02v
  108. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Mus.e.21_03v
  109. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Mus.e.21_04v
  110. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Mus.e.21_05v
  111. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Mus.e.21_06v
  112. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Mus.e.21_07v
  113. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Mus.e.21_08v
  114. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Mus.e.21_08v
  115. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Mus.e.21_09v
  116. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Mus.e.21_10v
  117. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Rawl.C.400_01
  118. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Rawl.C.400_01v
  119. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Rawl.C.400_02
  120. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Rawl.C.400_02v
  121. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Rawl.C.400_03
  122. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Rawl.C.400_03v
  123. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Rawl.C.400_04
  124. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Rawl.C.400_04v
  125. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Rawl.C.400_05
  126. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Rawl.D.1225_131v
  127. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Rawl.lit.d.4_190
  128. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Rawl.lit.d.4_190v
  129. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Savile25_frbd
  130. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Savile25_i_v
  131. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Savile25_i
  132. GB-Oxford, Bodleian Library Wood591_i
  133. GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_22r
  134. GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_22v
  135. GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_23r
  136. GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_23v
  137. GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_24r
  138. GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_24v
  139. GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_25r
  140. GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_25v
  141. GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_26r
  142. GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_26v
  143. GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_27r
  144. GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_27v
  145. GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_28r
  146. GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_28v
  147. GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_29r
  148. GB-Oxford, Corpus Christi 144_29v
  149. GB-Oxford, Christ Church Mus.1251_r
  150. GB-Oxford, Christ Church Mus.1251_v
  151. GB-Oxford, Magdalen Lat.266_26v
  152. GB-Oxford, Magdalen Lat.267_89
  153. GB-Oxford, Magdalen Lat.267_90
  154. GB-Oxford, Magdalen Lat.267_91
  155. GB-Oxford, Magdalen Lat.267_92v
  156. GB-Oxford, Magdalen Lat.268_26
  157. GB-Oxford, Magdalen Lat.268_26v
  158. GB-Shrewsbury MSXXX_172v
  159. GB-Shrewsbury MSXXX_173
  160. GB-Stratford DR37-3-41_back
  161. GB-Stratford DR98-1744-1_a_v
  162. GB-Stratford DR98-1744-1_b
  163. GB-Taunton DD-L_P29-29_1
  164. GB-Taunton DD-L_P29-29_1v
  165. GB-Taunton DD-L_P29-29_2
  166. GB-Taunton DD-L_P29-29_2v
  167. GB-Taunton DD-L_P29-29_3
  168. GB-Taunton DD-L_P29-29_3v
  169. GB-Wells Cathedral X4-34-2_r
  170. GB-Wells Cathedral X4-34-2_v
  171. GB-Winchester 12845_r1
  172. GB-Wisbech C3.8_r
  173. GB-Wisbech C3.8_v
  174. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_30_a1rbr
  175. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_30_a1v
  176. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_30_bv
  177. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_ix1r_2r
  178. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_ix1v_2v
  179. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_x_1r
  180. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_x_1v
  181. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_x_2r
  182. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xi_1r
  183. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xi_1v
  184. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xi_2r
  185. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xii_recto
  186. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xii_verso
  187. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xiii_2v
  188. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xix_1r_6v
  189. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xix_1r_6v
  190. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xix_1v_6r
  191. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xix_1v_6r
  192. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xix_2r_5v
  193. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xix_2r_5v
  194. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xix_2v_5r
  195. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xix_2v_5r
  196. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xix_3r_4v
  197. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xix_3r_4v
  198. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xix_3v_4r
  199. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xix_3v_4r
  200. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xviii_1r
  201. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xviii_1v
  202. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xviii_2r
  203. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xviii_2v
  204. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xx_1r
  205. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xx_2v
  206. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xxix_1r
  207. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xxix_1v-2r
  208. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xxix_2v-3r
  209. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xxix_3v-4r
  210. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xxix_4v
  211. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xxxii_recto
  212. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xxxivabcd_r
  213. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xxxivabcd_r
  214. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xxxivabcd_v
  215. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xxxivabcd_v
  216. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add.68_xxxv_6v
  217. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add68_10_2v
  218. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add68_20_1v2r
  219. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add68_20_1v2r
  220. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add68_39_ab_r
  221. GB-Worcester Cathedral Add68_39_ab_v
  222. GB-Worcester Record Office 705-4_verso
  223. GB-York, Borthwick Mus.1_14
  224. GB-York, Borthwick Mus.2_1
  225. GB-York, Borthwick Mus.2_2v

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