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This Image Viewer was developed for the Durham Liber Vitae project and was included on a DVD with the print publication: Rollason, David and Rollason, Lynda, eds.: Durham Liber Vitae: The Complete Edition: London, The British Library, 2007

The publication and DVD were the result of a three year project funded by the AHRC and led by Professor David Rollason of the University of Durham. The DVD-based image viewer was developed at the Centre for Computing in the Humanities at King's College London, where technical research was led by Paul Vetch.

Welcome to the Durham Liber Vitae image viewer. The viewer environment enables you to explore images of the LVD manuscript at extremely high resolution, allowing you to see them in greater detail than would be possible with the naked eye. Features include:

For information on browser requirements, and information and recommendations on how to use the viewer, please see the Help.

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